Piano * Flute * Voice * Music Theory



Private lessons include:


    • 1st Theory Book

    • 1st Ear Training Book


30 minutes - $25

45 minutes - $35

60 minutes - $45


*Group lessons are also available. Rates depend on number of students.


Instrumental and Vocal Coaching


Do you have a contest, audition or special performance coming up? If you’re looking for a little extra help to make a good performance great, Allured Music Studio’s instrumental and vocal coaching services will do just that! Combine with accompaniment for even more support.


$50 per hour plus $50 for performance if needed.




$75 includes one 30-minute rehearsal in addition to the performance


$25 for each additional 30-minute rehearsal




Classes meet once a week for two hours over three weeks. The following topics are available:

    • Theory I

    • Theory II

    • Music Reading

    • Music History

Class includes book used for class. 

    Class minimum 3, maximum 6.

      $140 fee


          Choral Workshop

            Topics include breathing, relaxed singing, vocal exercises, vocal health, blending.

              Cantor Workshop

                Choral workshop topics are covered, plus connecting with the congregation, and feedback for individuals.

                  Fees vary.  Contact Jess if you are interested.